S​/​T 2014

by Blind Beliefs



released September 29, 2014

All music and lyrics:
Blind Beliefs.

Recorded, mixed and mastered:
Stefan Van Neerven at Heartwork Studio.

7" release:
Reality Records (BE/EU).

Tape release:
Kick Out The Jams (BE/EU) / Strength In Hate Records (RUS/EU).



all rights reserved


Blind Beliefs Antwerpen, Belgium

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Track Name: Intro / Soulless
Everyday I walk this road.
Searching for a little hope.
I tried to leave the past behind.
Negative thoughts still in my mind.

I can't control life and death.
I'm waiting for the day you take your last breath.
This world won't turn me around.
It is hard, but I won't back down.

I'll never trust the ones who betrayed me.
Love easily turns into hate.
Soulless is what you became.
I won't be here to save your soul.
Track Name: Worlds Collide
Everything you do is just a waste of time. I don't need you.
Every word you say. You try to break me down.
Just stay away from me.

You keep pushing your loved ones aside.
Where are you now? Where do you hide?
How can I make things work after all I tried?
I can cleary see our worlds collide.

There's not much love for you left in me.
I'm not the person you want me to be.
Now you're wondering why you're such a wreck.
Just let me tighten the noose around your neck.
Track Name: Salvation
What does this world hold for me?
I feel life slipping away.
I’m in a constant state of denial.
Why can’t I just be free?
I’ll reap what I’ve sown.
But I won’t cope on my own.
I can’t handle this frustrations.
Where is my salvation?

I can’t handle this frustrations.
Where is my salvation?

All these thoughts in my head.
Make me think about life and death.
I don’t know which one to choose.
‘Cause in the end I know I will lose.
I look death in the eyes.
Humanity is what I despise.
I know our time will come.
In a world that has gone wrong.

Extinction has begun.
Salvation? There is none.
Track Name: Trapped In Life
Blind by their hollow eyes, all they do is tell you lies.
Nothing but a twisted mind that keeps pulling me down.
Life betrayed me once and my dreams faded away.
I'm sick of this pain and strife.
This hatred is eating me alive.

When the darkness falls, the devil calls.
Pure evil inside my brain.
Please take away my pain.

I'm lost in this place.
All I see is an empty grave.
I tried to find my way, but I can't stand another day.

I saw the true nature of the world and the shit it shoves in your face.
I'm sick of the human race.
Our lives are a fucking disgrace.
Lose control, there is no hope.
Corruption blinds my eyes.
It's hard to find the truth, when it's all covered in lies.

Lost control of my soul.
There is nothing left for me.
This world took it all.
When will it set me free?